Recovery Through Retrofit: Saving Homeowners Money — Part II

The Recovery Through Retrofit report of October, 2009 identified key factors preventing the growth of the home energy retrofit market.

One of that report’s achievements was the creation of a Home Energy score.

So, what’s a Home Energy Score?

The Department of Energy, with the support of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture, developed a voluntary Home Energy Score program to help homeowners make cost-effective decisions about energy improvements. This tool will generate:

  • A Home Energy Score between 1 and 10, to be presented as part of a graphic to help homeowners understand their home’s current efficiency level and how it compares to other area homes.
  • An estimate of how much money could be saved due to making energy retrofits, and,
  • A personalized list of recommended improvements, including estimated annual savings and an estimated payback period for each upgrade.

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