Home Energy Remedies, LLC

Most people are bombarded with information about being green and saving on energy costs. The problem is that no two homes are alike and people all use their homes differently.

Home Energy Remedies identifies where the energy used is going. Then we break down the energy savings opportunities, how much they cost and how to prioritize each energy saving option. With this information Home Energy Remedies will help the homeowner develop an energy plan.

The Process:

  • First we determine why the home owner wants the audit. Most want to cut energy costs and need the home analyzed to measure where the energy is actually going and to identify the best approaches to reducing energy costs. However, some want to address specific issues like drafts, moisture or hot and cold areas.
  • Second is the actual Energy Audit itself. We examine the home using measuring tools and equipment that will quantify the homes energy issues. At this time we will also check for CO (Carbon Monoxide)/Combustion safety. We look for current safety issues and make sure that we do not cause any issues when we improve sealing.
  • Third, we review the findings with the owner and outline a plan to make energy and environmental improvements to the home. At this point the owner has all the information needed to have the work done.
  • Fourth, Home Energy Remedies offers estimates for some of the work. Plus, if the owner wants, we will work with the contractors to get the work done.
  • Finally, if air sealing is done a follow up audit needs to be done to make sure the home is still safe and the intended level of sealing was accomplished.

Air quality is an area that most homeowners know the least about. As we tighten up our homes to save energy we eliminate the leaks that let in unconditioned but fresh air. In addition, combustion heating systems require air to burn and exhaust air out the chimney. Without adequate supply air exhaust, gases can be prevented from going up the chimney and end up in the home. These issues are all managed as part of the final energy plan.

What you will not see is single-focus analysis aimed at sales of a specific component like windows, heating systems or insulation.

The three primary areas are air sealing, insulation and heating systems. If the heating system is wasting energy an HVAC audit will recommend saving energy with a new heating system. If the home needs insulation then the insulation company may recommend insulating. If the home has older windows then a window salesman will say you can save huge amounts of energy with new windows, Home Energy Remedies will usually say something like First, air seal and insulate the attic. Next seal the ducts. Next insulate the walls and foundation. Now put in a heating system that is half the size that would have been needed before the other work was done. Now you have invested in the fastest payback items first and ended up spending less on the heating system.

The bottom line is energy costs money and reducing energy costs money. Home Energy Remedies helps you minimize energy costs while minimizing energy reduction costs.