About Us

Russell Cole has a varied background, which suits him well when it comes to home energy audits. He has worked as a certified lead inspector, a building manager and as a manufacturing engineer.

Holder of patent #5906297 for the Multi Outlet Depositor, he has also developed thread grinders as a Process Engineer. He has been a creative problem solver throughout his varied career.

More than an engineer, Russ holds an MBA from Case Western Reserve University and has worked on both the employee and management sides of various businesses. One of his many achievements is, while working at TRW – Greenfield Tap and Die, bringing the Union and management together in order to help break down an adversarial relationship that had grown up over the years. This was accomplished not only to improve the working conditions for all, but also to make the company more competitive. It was another instance of his creative problem solving.

As a Home Energy Auditor, he brings a wealth of varied knowledge to the table. His MBA was preceded by a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, awarded by Northeastern University.

He is certified as follows:

In 2007, he attended the Worcester Home Show as well as some smaller home shows in order to learn about what he could do to reduce his energy costs.

In the process he learned that people would sell him all kinds of green improvements. They were also able to tell him at the show how much he would save. One person even put a package together that showed how he could save more than 100% of the current costs. Clearly this is not impossible. As a Mechanical Engineer with experience in renovating houses and in evaluating energy efficiency, he recognized why this was happening. Most of the audits were limited to areas that supported any decision to buy what the auditor’s company was selling.

Russell Cole is driven by a need to improve quality, productivity and efficiency. Come see what he can do for you.