Winter is coming.

It creeps into our bones and invades our lungs with its icy blasts.

But we have come to expect it. It does, after all, happen every year. But do we ever really prepare for it that well?

Do we prepare at all?

Here’s where an energy audit can truly help.

Do you know if your furnace is operating at peak efficiency? Do you know whether your furnace is the correct size for your home in the first place? And, just as importantly, are there improvements that could be performed that would allow you to get just as good a heating result but with a smaller furnace?

We are often told to turn down our thermostats in the Winter, but how helpful is that if the furnace is just too large for its appointed task?

With a Home Energy Remedies energy audit, we take the time to tour your home and put it into winter mode. Then we close all of your windows and turn on all of the exhaust fans. We are looking to depressurize the combustion zone and set up a worst case scenario before testing for carbon monoxide spillage.

Then, we set up a blower door and measure your home’s rate of infiltration. By comparing this to the calculated rate, we can determine just how much air sealing is necessary.

If there are ducts, then we use a Duct Blaster to determine the amount of duct leakage. Using the Blower Door and Duct Blaster together can enable us to measure the amount of leakage outside of the conditioned space.

We then review the data with you and make qualitative recommendations based upon our findings.

We like being comfortable in the Winter, but we also like saving money. We’re willing to bet you like those things, too.

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