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Russell Cole is a Certified Energy Auditor with an interesting background.

A graduate of both Case Western Reserve University (MBA) and Northeastern University (BS in Mechanical Engineering), Russ is dedicated to educating himself on all matters relating to home energy audits and energy savings, and is driven by a need to improve quality, productivity and efficiency.

Russ has worked as a Process Engineer, an Equipment Engineer and a Manager of Process Engineering. He holds Patent #5906297 for the Multi Outlet Depositor. This is a flow splitter capable of accurately dividing a single product flow into multiple and equally accurate product flows. The design works equally well with both consistent material (like pudding) and inconsistent material (e. g. chicken cacciatore). The device also had to be easy to tear down, clean and reassemble, and all of these goals were accomplished.

As a Manager of Manufacturing Engineering for TRW – Greenfield Tap & Die, Russell managed a number of direct reports and a budget that topped $4 million. He was brought in to update and upgrade a plant which had remained virtually unchanged since the 1940s. One of his proudest achievements was to work as a liaison between union and management to break down barriers and overall help the company to better compete in the open marketplace. He initiated computer training programs, too, in order to assist employees in understanding the changes that were happening in both the plant and the market.

In the late 1990s, he detoured into real estate and maintained and renovated homes, which began his interests in overall home improvements and energy savings. These interests were furthered when he worked as a Lead Inspector in the mid-2000s.

His professional licenses are numerous and varied, including:

    • HERS Rater, Rater # GWS184
    • LEED Accredited Professional
    • BPI Building Analyst, passed test, awaiting certificate.
    • BPI Building Envelope Professional, passed test, awaiting certificate.
    • November 30, 2004 – November 30, 2008
      Professional Engineer, Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts 1985. Lic # 32151
    • FLIR Thermography I
      National Comfort Institute CO/Combustion Analysis.
    • Rhode Island Environmental Lead Inspector, Lic # ELI-0058, and,
    • Radon Inspector, passed test, not registered.


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